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Commodore Power-Play Magazine

Commodore Power/Play and Commodore MicroComputer ended publication at the end of 1986. Starting January 1987 they combined to become Commodore Magazine.


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The Computer Magazine Archives

commodore 22
program 22
computer 19
users group 19
data 16
user group 15
print 14
poke 12
disk drive 11
machine language 11
software 11
computer club 9
data data 9
disk 9
pet users 8
users club 8
word processor 8
color 7
commodore users 7
users 7
money order 6
programs 6
vic users 6
screen 5
shft 5
commodore business 4
commodore user 4
game 4
user 4
commodore computer 3
commodore powerplay 3
ond 3
pet 3
sprite 3
tlie 3
amiga 2
cmdr 2
drtr 2
gosub 2
memory 2
order circle 2
personal computer 2
print tab 2
residents add 2
spring 2
users gioup 2
word processing 2
bank street 1
bobsterm pro 1
body man 1
bubble sort 1
business machines 1
character editor 1
character set 1
color monitor 1
commodoie users 1
commodore power 1
computer user 1
coupon 1
cursor 1
customers box 1
data manager 1
day express 1
deluxe print 1
dfltfl 1
die 1
easy finance 1
entry program 1
features include 1
fire button 1
flight simulator 1
function key 1
goto 1
hard disk 1
high speed 1
honorable mention 1
jinsam 1
joystick 1
joystick port 1
key 1
key key 1
light pen 1
lode runner 1
machine code 1
magazine entry 1
master directory 1
max machine 1
micro cookbook 1
midi 1
music 1
nuclear war 1
number product 1
output fput 1
pet user 1
pocket filer 1
printer 1
programming 1
public domain 1
raster beam 1
rem measure 1
rem meflsure 1
retail 1
screen memory 1
set address 1
shift key 1
software company 1
solo flight 1
sound effects 1
space dog 1
statement number 1
strategic simulations 1
super expander 1
time delay 1
user croup 1
user groups 1
users croup 1
users oniv 1
vic menu 1
vic turtle 1
vic typewriter 1
video games 1
winter 1
word writer 1
write hand 1
english 23
Date Published
Commodore Power-Play Magazine
Topics: data, disk, program, amiga, tlie, retail, gosub, commodore, color, screen, pocket filer, master...
Commodore Power-Play Magazine
Topics: data, tlie, die, disk, software, cmdr, program, commodore, print, ond, residents add, word...
Commodore Power-Play Magazine
Topics: data, commodore, program, disk, software, poke, computer, print, color, midi, users group, flight...
Commodore Power-Play Magazine
Topics: data, commodore, program, tlie, computer, ond, color, disk, programs, amiga, character set,...
Topics: commodore, program, computer, poke, print, data, users, shft, users group, software, solo flight,...
Topics: commodore, program, poke, sprite, screen, user, computer, users, users group, programs, computer...
Topics: commodore, data, software, joystick, poke, disk, print, program, color, computer, disk drive,...
Topics: commodore, program, data, users, goto, gosub, computer, poke, commodore users, users group,...
Topics: commodore, program, data, poke, ond, color, disk, computer, software, music, user group, key key,...
Topics: commodore, program, print, users, sprite, programs, user, computer, user group, users group,...
Topics: commodore, program, users, user, computer, print, key, spring, users group, memory, computer club,...
Topics: data, commodore, program, print, software, game, computer, poke, data data, disk, machine language,...
Topics: data, commodore, program, color, print, computer, poke, sprite, data data, screen, users gioup,...
Topics: program, commodore, computer, programs, software, pet, user, drtr, machine language, coupon,...
Topics: commodore, program, programs, computer, jinsam, screen, pet, cursor, time delay, programming, max...
Topics: commodore, data, program, disk, software, poke, print, computer, disk drive, printer, users gioup,...
Topics: commodore, users, poke, computer, print, spring, data, program, commodore users, users group,...
Topics: commodore, cmdr, program, print, software, shft, data, game, computer, disk, light pen, user group,...
Topics: commodore, program, poke, users, print, computer, data, shft, users group, game, vic menu,...
Topics: data, commodore, program, computer, shft, poke, software, print, game, screen, computer club, word...
Topics: dfltfl, commodore, drtr, data, winter, shft, print, program, micro cookbook, data data, print tab,...
Topics: commodore, program, computer, color, memory, pet, software, programs, user group, users group, vic...